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2016 Assembly Election Hustings

27th April 2016

Challenges NI held a hustings for candidates in the South Belfast constituency for the 2016 NI Assembly elections. Due to the large number of candidates contesting the election, two consecutive panel debates were held. Blogs about the debates can be read here and here

  • Ruth Patterson, Independent 

  • Sean Burns, Labour Alternative

  • Lily Kerr, Workers' Party

  • Ben Manton, NI Conservatives

  • Bob Stoker, UKIP

  • Billy Dickson, Souh Belfast Unionists

  • Brigette Anton, NILRC

  • Rodney McCune, UUP

  • Claire Hanna, SDLP

  • Christopher Stalford, DUP

  • Clare Bailey, Green Party

  • Dr Duncan Morrow, Alliance


      The chair was the BBC's William Crawley.